Fasting & Prayer Initiative, Week 2

Good Morning!

Thank you for continuing in this initiative to intercede for our great nation. As we move forward it is so important that we are personally in a first love relationship with the Lord.
I encourage you this week to continue to pray for a restoration of the Biblical moral foundation upon which the United States was established. Using 2 Samuel 22:31 as a starting point, pray that the Lord re-establish His shield over America, that the forces of darkness would dissipate and the power of God’s Word would re-emerge over our land. I encourage you to also pray for that shield to cover your mind, your heart, and your family.

We are seeking the Lord for Him to move on behalf of our country, as you get Scripture passages and words, please send them to me. Finally, be encouraged to share my email with others so that we might expand our outreach and impact. Right now, we are 42 saints engaged in prayer and fasting. That is a remarkable beginning. It reminds me Jesus’ teaching that the Kingdom of Heaven is like a tiny mustard seed that will flourish and became the largest tree in the garden! So, let’s keep growing.

A thought regarding fasting: as you yield up a meal or two, or a day without food, you are saying, “Lord you are my priority, I give you more space in my life to move and work on behalf of my nation and my family.” It always is not so much about what you are giving up, as it is about the condition of your heart. As I fasted last week, I found it a joy, I pray that will be your discovery as well.

Blessings on your week,

Paul Laursen, on behalf of Advent Leadership and The Praise Community

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