Pictured: Christmas Community Choirs at Advent.

Thank you for visiting Advent's internet home. As you peruse the pages here, we hope you will get a sense of who we are.

Most of the people who have attended Advent for a while describe it as a friendly place where people care about and care for one another. This is certainly part of what makes Advent a special community.

I would add a couple things to that description. Advent is filled with people who are spiritually vital. Whether they are excited about a newfound relationship with God through Christ, or they have been Christians for years, the people here express the desire to grow in their faith. Of course, growing in faith will naturally produce a desire to engage in serving others. People are always surprised that a church the size of Advent does as much for the surrounding community as the people here do.

Wherever you are in your faith, or even if you are just starting to explore the Christian faith, I hope you will consider joining us for worship on Sunday. I promise you will find people who will welcome you here.

Dick McCormick, Senior Warden

Advent is presently in a search process for new clerical and pastoral leadership. During this transition, Pastor Paul Laursen provides spiritual and theological leadership, preaching, counsel and Biblical teaching. Contact him through the church office at (440) 871-6685.

What We Believe

The core statement of our faith is outlined in the Nicene Creed, a statement of belief widely used in Christian liturgy. It is called Nicene because it was originally adopted in the city of Nicaea (present day İznik, Turkey) by the First Council of Nicaea in 325.

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How We Worship

The celebration of the Lord’s Supper is the central act of our corporate worship, and Holy Communion is offered at all Sunday worship services. In this celebration of the Lord’s Supper, we exalt the risen Christ and seek His all powerful, life-changing presence.Read more ›

How We Relate

Advent is a parish in the Episcopal Church in the US, which is part of the world wide Anglican Communion, the fourth largest Christian communion with 85 million members world-wide, founded in 1867 in London, England.

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