Love Reaches Across the United States

Some of us find ourselves feeling isolated, depressed, bored, worried, ruminating, and hopeless. Being confined in our homes can start to feel like being locked up in a prison. But just because we are “shut in” doesn’t mean we are “shut off.” We think about family members and want to reach out, touch base, and check in with them by phone. Seems so normal. But when the phones don’t work, how do you reach out to others and how do others reach out to you?

JoAnn received an email from Teresa Zolar. “My 92 yr old mother, Lois Zolar, is one of your long time parishioners. Is there perhaps someone in your ministry that could check on her at home? I am in CA, my sister Karen is her caregiver there. Their landline died, which is their sole communication device. (I was notified by mail). Although a new phone was delivered, no word. Lois has diminished cognition and mobility and history of strokes so of course phone access is important. I would be so grateful for Advent’s help.”

Ray Busony happened to be in the church office and checked into the phone situation. He went to the house and got the phone working just like any CNC machine tool he battles with daily. Here’s the note the two daughters sent to Advent: “Thanks to the Church for sending someone over to check on my mother, Lois Zolar. The gentleman was so kind and helpful. He was a true lifesaver. I can not tell you how much it was appreciated. Regards, Kathy and Teresa” Well done JoAnn and Ray.

Reach out and touch someone today – that “random act of kindness” will brighten a spirit!

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