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Grace Abounds – Coping with COVID-19, Church and No Church

How are you coping with Sunday worship under the new realities? Advent is holding non-singing services at 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. with powerful sermons and vibrant piano and organ music. During Holy Eucharist only the celebrant consumes the bread and wine so we are using the Armed Services Prayer for Spiritual Communion for those in attendance not physically able to partake. Passing the peace with air hugs and via nods & waves is abnormal for us! Socializing is limited but we strive to keep in touch with our church family.

We continue to practice now-common steps on Sundays to protect one another:

  1. Ushers wear masks and gloves and take everyone’s temperature upon entering. Those with a temperature over 100ºF are not to enter Advent and immediately go home.
  2. All who enter wear a mask. Masks are available when necessary. Wearing a mask is a MUST during a service except when preaching or speaking from the lecterns.
  3. We are still not singing but music selections played are full of spirit and vigor. We’ve recently distributed tambourines, chimes and percussion instruments to accompany “Shine Jesus Shine” – without singing. Still, it was wonderful!
  4. Hand sanitizers are available at the door and in the pews.
  5. Everyone maintains a 6 foot distance.
  6. Every other pew row is marked as unavailable to maintain 6 ft. between available pews.
  7. Family members from the same household sit together in available pews.
  8. We sanitize between and after the 10:00 service.

Come and worship with us — safely!

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