The Church in Babylon – A Bible Study Based on the Book By Erwin W. Lutzer

Join Advent Episcopal Church each Sunday at 11:30 AM as we explore how to make sense of the turmoil in our culture with “The Church in Babylon” Bible Study, based on the book by Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer (Moody Publishers, 2018).

Session 1 – Sunday, February 3

Welcome to Babylon: Finding God in Enemy Territory

  • What are some of the challenges facing us today in American Church?
  • What similarities are there between America today and Babylon 2,600 years ago?
  • What options did the Jew face? What options do we face?
  • How do we impact the culture without being spiritually destroyed by it?
  • What are some concrete actions we can takes as a church and as individuals?

Session 2 – Sunday, February 10

Conflicts of Conscience: Keeping the Faith in a Hostile Work Environment

  • How far can we engage our culture without compromising our convictions? Where do we draw the line?
  • How do we respond to conflicts of conscience when confronted by state and federal influences?
  • Pressures from leaders and bosses? Peer pressures existing in our clubs, social activities – even our churches?
  • There are seldom black and white answers, so what are some principles we can follow?

Session 3 – Sunday, February 24

When the State Becomes God, Standing Strong While Others Bow

This is the title of today’s session. Erwin Lutzer writes “I believe it’s the responsibility of the church to equip its members to withstand the heavy arm of the state and be obedient to God alone, despite the consequences.”

  • How do 2019 believers choose between God and Caesar?
  • What principles and strategies can we learn from the Jewish exiles in Babylon? How do we muster the courage to remain true to God’s convictions in our American culture today?

Come, learn, and contribute!

Let’s discover what God, Dr. Lutzer, and the Holy Spirit speaking through each of us has to say. Learn more, then come and see!

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