Explore Our Turbulent Culture from a Biblical Perspective

In December, Advent Episcopal Church brought our community the Dan Schutte concert “God With Us” – uplifting music for the Advent Season. Now we explore how we can make sense of the turmoil in our culture through the lens of the Bible. “The Church in Babylon” Bible Study starts Sunday February 3, at 11:30 AM at Advent Episcopal Church.

“America is polarized politically, racially, morally, and religiously. Common ground among Americans seems to have vanished. We are angry, hostile, even violent. Someone has said that we are a nation addicted to rage. Yet it is into this atmosphere of shrill voices that we, as believers, have been called to represent Christ.”

Erwin W. Lutzer

What does today’s culture have to do with Babylon 2600 years ago? What can we learn today from Jewish exiles in Babylon? What is relevant today from musty Old Testament writings from Daniel, Lamentations and Jeremiah? How do we survive and thrive without becoming contaminated by a hostile culture? Why should I come to this Bible study anyhow? What if I don’t know anything about the Bible but am curious about this topic? What if I’m intimidated by the prospects of a Bible study?

Dr. Erwin Lutzer is Pastor Emeritus of historic Moody Church in Chicago and served as its senior pastor from 1980 – 2016. He authored “The Church in Babylon” book, DVD, and study guide. We’ll use them along with pertinent Old Testament passages to discuss and understand how we are to be “in this culture” but not be “consumed by it”. No homework is required to participate and missing a session won’t nullify attending the following ones. Some of the topics in this 10-part series include: “When the State Becomes God”, “The Church, Technology and Purity”, and “Islam, Immigration, and the Church”.

Here is what respected Christian leaders say about the book:

“Erwin Lutzer has his finger on the pulse of the culture and the church, providing sage insight in a balanced, biblical manner. Every page of this book will engage your mind and stir your heart. It will enlighten you, warn you, and equip you to discern and withstand the siren song of Babylon that surrounds us.”

Mark Hitchcock, Assoc. Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Dr. Lutzer forthrightly and biblically addresses current controversial, societal topics without pulling punches, yet does so in a warm, kind, and non-judgmental manner. “

Steve Gaines, President of Southern Baptist Convention

Please join us for this lively study of God’s Word as we learn how to apply it in our culture today.

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